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Day Care Management Tool

In cooperation with Day Care "'t Kwebbeltje", Torhout, Belgium

Since april 2014, Kind & Gezin (Flemish institution for child day care) has issued a new decree with new regularisation. All day cares now need to do their own registration and invoicing. As existing software packages are expensive and not always offer user friendly processes, I have decided to develop a package myself in cooperation with day care “’t Kwebbetlje” in Torhout. As I have only started design and development shortly before the start of the new decree, it was very important to prioritize the different needed functionalities and do multiple releases in a short time frame, each time adding more and more features.




Until now, this packages offers almost everything that is needed :

-Child/Parent data storage

-Reservation/booking of day care days for the next month

-Invoicing of reserved day care days.

-Daily registration (in+out) of the children in the day care

-Regularisation invoicing (between reservation and registration)

-Multiple consolidated reports


Ongoing development :

-Registration data must be sent to a central web platform of Kind & Gezin via an XML interface system.


Personal Interests




A strong mind starts with a fit body so I do a lot of sports, in team and individually. I play krachtbal since I was 5 years old and I am still doing it intensively, in competition and on the highest level. Next to that, I am also renting party materials and building+maintaining some websites.



Additional Training courses


Strong skills don't come by themselves. Experience is one key stone of strong skills but self-learning and additional trainings, conventions and workshops are also very important to keep your skills relevant. Below is an overview of the most important additional trainings, courses, workshops, conventions,... I have participated during my caree.


  • Sybase SQL Server

January 1997

By Sybase Educational Services

  • Unix for Solaris Users

February 1997

By Sun Educational Services

  • Shell Programming / The Bourne Shell

February 1997

By Sun Educational Services

  • Middle Office Training Course

oct/nov/dec 1997

By Middle-Office Fortis

  • Educational Course “Financial Maths”

Feb/mar/apr 1998

By Belgische Vereniging van Banken

  • Object-Oriënted Technology & Concepts

April 1998

By Sun Educational Services

  • C and C++ for Non-C programmers

May 1998

By Sun Educational Services

  • C++ and Object-Oriented Programming

June 1998

By Sun Educational Services

  • Autosys Training Course

November 1998

By platinum ProVision

  • Summit System training course


By Quotient – Paris

  • Java Programming

October 1999

By Sun Educational Servrices

  • Business Objects

May 2003

By Finalyse Sprl

  • Mission Management

September 2003

By Finalyse Sprl

  • Microsoft Business Intelligence and Reporting Analysis

October 2004

By Microsoft Belgium

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – Integration Services

November 2006

U2U Belgium

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – Analysis Services

Nov/Dec 2006

U2U Belgium

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 – Reporting Services

Januari 2007

U2U Belgium

  • QRM Fundamentals of Risk Practice Reengineering

September 2008

By QRM Inc

  • QRM Transaction Data Markt (TDM)September 2008

By QRM Inc

  • Microsoft Tech Days 2010 (Antwerp)May 2010

By Microsoft

  • Informatica Power Center

June 2011

Aexis - Netherlands

  • Cognos Framework Manager Design Medatadata Models (v10.2)

September 2015

IBM - Brussels